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Location: Torrevecchia Teatina

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Il Museo è ospitato nel millesettecentesco Palazzo Ducale Valignani in Torrevecchia Teatina, paese nel cuore dell'Abruzzo, situato al centro di un triangolo i cui vertici sono Chieti, Pescara, Francavilla al Mare. APERTURA: tutte le domeniche dalle 9 e 30 alle 12 e 30 e dalle 15 e 30 alle 17 e 30. Ingresso: gratuito. Riferimenti per info: tel. 0871360784 e-mail



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postato da [07/02/2013 18:22]

The Associazione Culturale AbruzziAMOci and the Edizioni Noubs advertises the thirteenth edition of the Concorso Internazionale Lettera d'amore, which awarding ceremony will be held in Torrevecchia Teatina (Chieti) in August 2012. Within the contest a section dedicated to the subject "hidden good" will be promoted.

Sec. 1. To participate one must write in any language (if foreign or dialect a translation into Italian must be included) a text in prose, not poetry, unpublished, with the form of a love letter, not more than 3 sheets long (1800 characters per sheet) in three readable copies including the declarations and information required in sec. 2.
Sec. 2. There is no subscription or participation fee. With the text one must include a sheet containing the participant's personal information (name and surname, address, age, telephone number, curriculum, e-mail) together with a statement of authenticity of the text and the authorization to publish the letter gratuitous, and of compliance with all the provisions of the contest.
Sec. 3. The time limit set for the sending of the text, to the following address: Concorso Lettera d'amore c/o Associazione Culturale AbruzziAMOci, Via Ovidio n.25, 66100 Chieti, is 30 May 2013 (the postmark of dispatch will be considered valid). The panel, whose verdict is unappealable, is composed of: Vito Moretti, Massimo Pamio, Massimo Avenali, Giuseppina Verdoliva, Chiara Fiori.
Sec. 4. The following prizes will be awarded: Euro 500,00 to the first classified, Euro 250,00 to the second, Euro 200,00 to the third; other prizes to the distinguished. The winners will have to collect their prize personally during the ceremony, otherwise the same will not be awarded. The texts may be published by the organization.
Sec. 5. Only the winners and the distinguished will be notified in good time. The results will be made known publicly through the press and the web site: The elaborates will not be given back. The participation at the award implies the acceptance of all the provisions of this regulation. The law on privacy will be respected. The organization will not be held responsible for the non arrival of the texts.
Sec. 6. The love letter consists of a prose composition aimed at representing the sentiment of love dedicated to whichever receiver (real or imaginative person, animal, object, place or landscape).
The winner must collect the prize personally during the ceremony, otherwise the same will not be awarded.
For info: or tel. (0039) 0871 348890.

The scope of this section is to collect the voices of those who wish to report a story really happened, to which one has directly or indirectly witnessed, which, in involving and in moving them testify how the good is still - in minor - the protagonist of our days. Those who wish, may report, in the language one desires to, events of kindness, of generosity, of solidarity, of peace, of assistance, of voluntary service, that is, little hidden miracles which do not appear in the newspapers, but instead would deserve more attention, in relation to a mutual moral, civil and spiritual growth.
The stories will be translated into English and published in a volume and the sale proceeds of which will in part be devolved to voluntary associations.
The "witness" of the "hidden good" must send the elaborate in three copies possibly typewritten (but even handwritten). The text must not be more then 5 pages long (60 characters per line 30 lines per page) and must be sent by 30 May 2013 to: Associazione Culturale Abruzziamoci, Via Ovidio 25, 66100 Chieti. Only for the participations coming from foreign countries the text may be also sent by e-mail to the following address: